A leading global institutional investor

FGIS received the Best African Sovereign wealth fund award of the Africa Investor (Ai) institution in 2017 and hosted in 2018 the IDB Member countries Investment forum.

A Team Of

FGIS team is composed of professionals having ample experience and exposure to global working standards, recognized by the business community and financial institutions for their competence, integrity and efficiency.

Focus on achieving outstanding performance

FGIS and its subsidiaries are fully involved in reaching performance goals which are selected to align with key state strategic objectives.

Our Investments



Agrobusiness, mines, hydrocarbons, industries, wood & transport

Bank & Insurance

Bank, Insurance, Telecom, shops, materials, others services

Others Investments

Agrobusiness, mines, hydrocarbons, industries, wood & transport

Something About FGIS

The Gabon Strategic Investment Fund (FGIS) has a hight responsibility to the Gabonese society. Hence its long-term aim, to diversify the local economy thanks to profitable operations in foreign countries or locally.
Emerging Gabon strategic Plan (PSGE), the FGIS seeks to promote the development of “non-oil” resources through investments, thus contributing to establish a clean and sustainable type of development in Gabon. As a working partner, the FGIS is committed to assist companies in their administration. It favors a long-standing commitment based on trust, transparency, mutual respect and fairness to ensure a return on investment for all the company’s shareholders.
A careful screening of investment opportunities is the key to success. The investments carried out by the FGIS must offer a sufficie nt and sustainable level of profitability while minimizing related risks.

Gabon, a land of opportunities

With its 5.2 million ha of arable land, 850 km of coastline, 900 potential mining sites, 200 000 km2 of tropical forest covering 85%of the country and an exclusive economic zone of 213 000 m2, Gabon is a real land of opportunities with a modernized business environment and a growing economy.

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